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Bertrand Russell.

tcpconns UPDATE
2009.09.20 22:00 UTC

Created a magnificent class named KeyStoreHelper, that will allow you to read and write pkcs#12 (.pfx/.p12), .jks, .bks, .uber, .jceks, and .pem keystores. Rewrote the CertConvert utility. Created a second magnificent class named X509PropertiesDialog, which can be used easily to display the properties of a X509 certificate (with or without private key, with or without the entire X509 certificate chain); the X509PropertiesDialog allows the user to export it (with or without private key: in .pem format) or, alternatively, to store it to disk (without private key: in .der/.cer format, with private key: in .pfx/.p12 format); X509PropertiesDialog warns if the X509 Certificate is outside of its validity period. Added X509CertificateSelectionDialog and KeySelectionDialog components. Created a new KeyManagerGUI component that is much more powerful than the rewritten CertConvert utility, so I’ve decided to remove the CertConvert utility. The new KeyManagerGUI is located right in tcpconns.jar, so when you run the tcpconns.jar, it will fire up the KeyManagerGUI. And it is a GUI I love!, and yes.....so will you!!! Have fun! 

More is to follow, stay tuned!